Our newest resident: Tobbie!

Totally Awesome has just had a baby; he’s plastic, he’s mobile, and he’s ready to learn! 

Allow me to introduce TOBBIE! This little guy is a battery powered, artificially intelligent, robotic sensation just waiting to explore West Yorkshire! Much like any newborn, Tobbie comes flat pack in a box and requires a few basic tools to get moving. You will need 4 * AAA-Batteries  to breath life into his circuits and get him jogging about your obstacle courses. Building Tobbie under adult supervision is an excellent opportunity to teach your children about following instructions and safety using tools but without being overly complicated for either of you.I had a blast putting Tobbie together in the store and I’m 23! We believe in nurturing inquisitive minds; therefore, Tobbie is just one of many construction kits we have in store to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to children. Who knew learning could be so much fun? 

Tobbe the Robot
Tobbie the Friendly Robot

Swing by The Piece Hall in Halifax to say hello to our new little dude 🙂 


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