The Importance of having FUN!



Seen as we sell so much fun at Totally Awesome I’ve been doing some research into some of its benefits. Turns out there’s a lot of reasons to enjoy yourself (who’d have thought?) and I’m genuinely surprised we’re not prescribed a dose of fun every now and then.

Oh and just to clarify, by “fun” we are talking about real fun: activities, trying new things, playing, completing puzzles, that sort of thing as opposed to consuming alcohol or other intoxicants that might make us feel happy. 



10 Benefits: 

Without further explanation here are some of the sometime surprising and absolutely fabulous benefits of having fun:

  1. The happy hormones secreted when having fun can boost your immune system.
  2. Having fun usually means being more relaxed, which results in better detoxification all round – from your brain to your kidneys, liver and gut will get rid of toxins so much better when you have fun often.
  3. If you have fun by moving, doing fun things, and not just sitting around you can improve your circulation, muscle function, heart function and so much more.
  4. Having fun often means trying new things or taking part in a variety of activities. This variety in life keeps your brain fit by continually building new circuits and finding new paths in its neural network. Kind of like a brain gym!
  5. Your gut ecosystem thrives on a happy and relaxed state and suffers under negative stress. Considering the fact that your gut ecosystem is the foundation of your immune system, helps you make a variety of valuable micronutrients, supports your digestion and detoxification, and has been linked to preventing health problems from diabetes to mood disorders.
  6. Having fun, together with getting some good sleep, is some of the best anti-aging medicine. The hormones that are involved in a lot of things involved in aging, including skin elasticity, skin and mucous membrane moisture, muscle and joint health, energy, concentration and memory, and more, are influenced directly by fun and stress levels. Have more fun!
  7. Having fun is great for building relationships. We need each other and we need ways to stay connected. Why not invite a friend you’ve been losing touch with to share a board gaming experience with you this week? 
  8. Having fun can help you lower high blood pressure.
  9. Fun activities during the day could improve sleep quality at night.
  10. Oh yeah and having fun is FUN, it’s kind of a no brainer.




I don’t really care how old you are, or think you are, that’s a pretty compelling list of reasons to make sure you’re having a daily dose of fun. So get out there and fly a kite, build a robot or complete a puzzle. If you’re still not convinced swing by one of our shops and our staff will force you to enjoy yourself, and you can tell us if you experience any of these benefits 😉 

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