We Are Totally Awesome

About Us

We are Aamir and Lisa and we first opened Totally Awesome in 2017, in the vibrant town of Hebden Bridge. A year later we added a second store in the historic Piece Hall, in Halifax and in 2020 we bought Anti-Gravity in York.

At Totally Awesome we offer a blend of products that you wouldn’t normally find on the high street. Along with a shopping experience you definitely won’t find anywhere else.

Our range includes everything from; Scooters, Skateboards, Kites, Flying Toys, Juggling Props, Puzzles, Games and a decent selection of Remote control Cars, Boats and Drones.  We also offer a range of funky pocket money toys and gifts.

We carefully select products that are high in quality, engaging, unusual and fun. Many of our products are unboxed and in each shop, we are able to show you how they work. We can also demonstrate how most games play and explain about the quality of each game. For scooters, skateboards, safety gear and kites we will help you match them to the age, size and experience of the person.

Our team have a fantastic knowledge of every product and will enthusiastically greet you and help you to choose the right products; whether it be a gift or something for yourself.

Nobody comes to Totally Awesome and spends less than 10 minutes here. We are so proud to have created such a fun place to be, somewhere you can explore cool things and in general just come and hang out. We love that we have gained such a loyal following, even in just the few years since starting this awesome idea.

We are always looking for new and exciting toys games, gadgets and on-trend products. If there is something out there you want, come and talk to us and we can help you in any way possible!

A bit about Aamir:

I’m never going to grow old. Not in my head anyway. Back in 2017 someone asked me about the kind of store I wanted and what I was going to stock. My answer was “everything I want for Christmas.” I was skateboarding from the age of 12 and still have several boards and longboards. I have more Kites than anyone I know and a supernatural power that makes the wind drop as soon as I take out a kite. I can’t resist buying myself some iconic gadget or nostalgic game or toy. I love working and playing and when I’m doing neither I’m often found cooking Chinese food.

a bit about lisa

You can normally hear me before you see me and I’m known for my laugh. I love spending time with people with fun and laughter. I have always been fiercely competitive. When I demo games Aamir tells me to sometimes let customers win. Not a chance! When I’m not working I’m often sat outside in front of our Chiminea. You can’t beat a good fire and a glass of Merlot.

Get in touch!

We’d love to hear from you so if you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please contact us using form below.