What is Cobra Paw?


Cobra Paw Graphic



Cobra Paw is a dexterity game in which you roll dice and snatch tiles. It’s quick, it’s fun and it’s for all the family. The game recommends 2-6 eager players from the age of 6+ to get competitive and show off their ninja fast reflexes. The box design and rules explanation are simple, quirky and colourful, with enough character to keep even the most impatient readers humored. 


How to play: 

Lay out the tiles so that they are face up and easily accessible to all the players. Decide an amount of tiles required to win, the standard amount is 6. Select a starting player and get them to roll the dice. Once the dice have landed, two symbols will be showing face up. Put together the symbols create a pattern which will have a corresponding tile in the play area, the first player to snatch that tile scores the point. You are only allowed to use one hand to grab a tile and if two people go for the tile at the same time, the person whose finger is in or closest to the circular indent on the tile gets the point! Oh and one last thing, if the pattern that comes up on the dice matches one of your tiles be sure to protect it from the other players, they’re allowed to steal them! It’s as simple as that, once you reach the decided number of tiles you win. 

Cawfuku Stones and Dice from Cobra Paw
Cawfuku Stones and Dice from Cobra Paw



The components are few, but they are absolutely lovely. The domino-esque tiles are delightfully weighty and engraved with abstract symbols that match the pair of equally chunky dice that satisfyingly clunk along the table. 



This game is a quick, intuitive game of snatching points. It is very accessible to both young and old players that enjoy partaking in a little competition. All you need to play is some space on a table or floor and due to the build quality and small number of components Cobra Paw travels really well. If you’re not convinced yet, feel free to challenge our staff to a duel in one of our stores! 


A picture showing Cobra Paw and components
Cobra Paw box and components

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