Ticket to Ride


Train lovers and boardgames lovers can rejoice in equal measure – Ticket to Ride is robust and amazingly accessible.

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The hugely popular train game finds a home in Totally Awesome. Ticket to Ride brings together all kinds of boardgamers, and is responsible for many of their induction to the hobby to begin with! This is because it combines strategy and thoughtful plays with a fast, accessible pace. Effective decision-making is key to victory, but a turn in this game is as simple as grabbing a new card or placing down a new train on the board. It’s intriguing without being daunting.

Build the most impressive network of trains between various settlements in the USA. Complete special objective cards asking for certain destinations, and try to get in the way of opponents doing the same!

Ticket to Ride plays 2 to 5 players and lasts approximately 30-60 minutes.