Scrawl 17+


A hilariously tangential game of drawings and captions. Creative folk, this is your new favourite game!

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Scrawl is a brilliantly creative party game, which celebrates people’s innate ability for warping concepts and ideas so utterly, that they become completely unrecognisable from their original intention or meaning. Simply put, one player draws something. The next player looks at that drawing, and writes a description for it. The only thing which the NEXT player sees is that description, and then they draw it. Keep going like this, alternating between silly drawings and hilarious descriptions, and you’ve got a game that’s somewhere between Pictionary and Chinese Whispers. 

Win the game by (somehow, against all odds) holding onto the original meaning of your drawing or caption. OR, simply make the funniest, weirdest contribution to the game, and just have people vote you to gain some points!

Scrawl is endlessly repayable and entertaining. You don’t have to be a poet or a Picasso, but being a little warped is always helpful.