Pentago – The Mind Twisting Game

Pentago is a fun strategy game for two players.

This game is like the well known Connect 4 with a twist (well lots of twists) After placing a marble, the player has to twist one of the grids by 90°,changing the board after every turn. The first player to get five marbles in a row wins.

Turns are very simple: a player places a marble on any open position, then twists one of the four sections ninety degrees. As soon as one player gets five marbles of their type in a row – either by twisting or placing, they win the game!

Gameplay is so short that players can play a match of games (like best out of three, etc.), to determine the ultimate winner.

The game is over once a player is able to connect 5 in a row.

We love to play this quick but challenging game and we can guarantee you will too.

It’s awesome.


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