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Pass the Big Pigs


Have you ever felt the urge to throw a pig?

That’s okay, because not many other people have either.

Regardless of whether you’ve felt that urge or not, you and your family can enjoy throwing foam pigs around in Pass the Pigs: Big Pigs!

In 1977, a game came out called Pass the Pigs where players would roll plastic pigs for points. Well, this latest iteration of the game by Winning Moves Games bumps the game up a level. Or maybe we should say 100 levels. Because these pigs look 100 times larger than the original.

The game play hasn’t changed at all, but we think the fun has.

Players score points on their turn by rolling 2 pigs and having them land in certain positions. Once the score is noted, the player can choose to go again or keep their score. If they choose to stop, they keep their score to that point and play continues to the next player.

If they choose to continue, they again roll the 2 pigs and 3 things can happen:

  • If their pig roll scores more points, those are added to their previous total and they can press their luck and continue again if they’d like.
  • If their result is a “Pig Out” (pigs land on opposite sides), the player gets 0 points for that round.
  • If their result is an “Oinker” (pigs are touching), the player loses ALL their points in the game so far.

Once a player reaches 100 points, they immediately win the game.

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