Happy Salmon (Blue)


Fist bump, shout, jump around and slap your hands together like salmons. Good game!

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Happy Salmon is a fast, hilarious game in which you must dispose of all of your cards faster than any other player. Unlike your standard boardgames, however, Happy Salmon is going to make you use your feet! Everybody stands in a circle and yells whatever their next card is. Find a match with someone else, carry out whatever the action is, and then throw your card away. First to get rid of all his or her cards is the winner. There’s absolutely nothing civil about this game – victory goes to the loudest, jumpiest, high-fiving-est player around! Guaranteed fun that only takes a couple minutes.

3-6 players. If you’ve got a really big event coming up, combine with the green Happy Salmon pack and play up to 12!