Dobble Gruffalo


Explore the deep dark wood, and see what you can spot will it a quick-witted mouse which comes face to face with an owl, or a snake… or the hungry Gruffalo!

Between any two cards, there is always exactly one matching symbol, whether it’s a mouse, a snake or the hungry Gruffalo. Spot it first to win!

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Dobble has its very own Gruffalo variant! This popular matching game from Asmodee meets the phenomenon of Julia Donaldson’s best-selling children’s book. Can you match the likes of the Gruffalo, the mouse, the snake and co in the Dobble: Gruffalo?

Dobble is the game of quick reactions and matching pairs. In this variant, the pairs are all your favourite characters and items from the world of The Gruffalo. Dobble is one of Asmodee’s more simple games, but also one of its universal, popular ones. It features circular cards, with a whole bunch of different images on them. Your aim is to be quick enough to locate a pair of images that sit on both your card, and the top card!