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Lizard Yo Yo

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The Lizard is what Henry’s class as a beginners yoyo yet it performs far better than many other yo-yo in its price range (so you know what to expect for the rest of the Henry’s YoYo range!) .

The Lizard is fitted with a “Slider” AXYS bearing, which can easily be upgraded later with any other of the AXYS bearings.

This great intro yoyo has good long sleep times & with a shape (butterfly) that adapts itself well to both string and looping tricks make this little beauty an ideal yo-yo to get started with!


*A unique butterfly shape & cool design.
*Plastic hubs with starburst & big black rubber rings.
*AXYS-Systemaxle slider with high-speed bearing.
*Translucent hubs in blue, green, red, yellow and orange.

Low-Price – High-Performance – Great All-round

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green, blue, orange, red