Salt Water Motorcycle


  • Impressive 5 to 7 hours of battery life
  • No toxic substances or chemicals used
  • Great science project for the whole family
  • Weighted stabilizers and self-righting design
  • No batteries required, runs on salt water

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You can ask little more from a toy than one that looks fantastic, is exciting, educational, fun and inexpensive.

This fabulous motorcycle looks like a futuristic design from a science fiction movie, with streamline aesthetics and an uber cool design. But the real magic lies under the bodywork of this nifty little bike. In true futuristic style this motorcycle harnesses the world’s natural resources for its power. With just a few drops of salt water for fuel this toy will go on and on. But the impressing features don’t stop there – this bike also utilises an intelligent self-righting design with weighted stabilisers to make sure crashes and accidents are a thing of the past. Along with a swing arm mechanism, this bike easily completes straight runs, left and right circles as well as funky ‘S’ bends.

This kit comes complete with everything required to build your very own motorcycle from scratch. The set doesn’t require any tools or glue and can be assembled easily and quickly meaning you’ll be speeding into the future in no tim