We’re Freddie & Elsie and we are 9 1\2 years old.

We started learning how to use a Diabolo about a year ago and we’ve been practising it ever
since, we bought our own Diabolo, and found some tutorials on Youtube.

Some were good, some were bad and some only taught us a little. Then we bought more expensive Diabolos, and they helped us get more advanced. When we got really good at using a Diablo, we had the idea to start are own Diablo club. We asked our Head Teacher if we could run it in school and she very kindly said we could have an after school club – if we organised it ourselves.

We wrote a letter and gave one to all the children in school. Over 20 people who signed up. Right now our Diabolo club is a great success. When we leave our school we hope someone will carry on running the Diabolo club for us. And maybe when we leave Junior School we might start a public Diabolo club in the hope we will succeed
beyond our school life.  Some people think Diabolo is boring but we think differently. Hopefully we will eventually learn double Diabolo (2 Diabolos at the same time). 
We hope we will make Diabolo a thing that every one around the world wants to do.