• The new Schildkröt Waveboard offers excellent handling and low weight
  • Large plastic cover (79.5 x 22 cm) with non-slip grains for firm support
  • Both platforms are interconnected by a flexible torsion spring
  • 360 degree swivel wheel, quality PU wheels and low friction ball bearings ABEC 7
  • High quality, solid construction. Total weight: 2,15kg. Maximum user weight: 80kg

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With Schildkröt’s new Good Vibes Waveboard, you get the necessary momentum to move through wave-shaped movements. Essential for all ski enthusiasts. The two platforms are connected by a flexible torsion spring. With its incredible mobility, the waveboard allows a very fast movement. The 360-degree swivel wheel and PU wheels and ABEC 7 bearings ensure smooth operation and long-lasting driving pleasure. A driving experience that was previously only possible in water or snow. Not only is waveboard incredibly fun, it also keeps you fit and trains your muscles and your sense of balance. The german brand Schildkröt, is considered to be the inventor of the table tennis ball. In addition to table tennis, Schildkröt also offers a very extensive collection of funsports and funwheels and is considered the market leader in this field. Product development takes place in Germany. Warnings: Caution: read and follow the instructions for use and all other information before using the product. Skateboarding can be a dangerous activity. There is a risk of getting into dangerous situations, losing control of the board and falling. Observe all valid traffic rules and usage rules in your country. Use only for one person. Use the board only on suitable surfaces that are flat, clean, dry and as free as possible from other road users. Never travel without a helmet, hand / wrist protection, elbows and knees. Use only suitable shoes. Before you begin: check that all bolts and fasteners are tight. Avoid steep terrain or steep slopes. Do not drive in the dark and / or with poor visibility. Do not use the board in traffic. Attention with other people. Adult supervision is strongly recommended. The product and instructions are based on the DIN standard in 13613: 2009 (class a). Maximum user weight: 80 kg. Age recommendations: 8+.