KLUSTER – Le Game Des Magnetik. Magnetic Madness


KLUSTER! The Magnetik Game

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KLUSTER is a game of skill for 1 to 4 players, fast, easy to transport, devilishly fun, extremely simple, accessible to all and yet brimming with strategy!

Kluster rules are explained in no time:
The magnetic stones are distributed equally between the players, who must take turns placing a stone in the area delimited by the rope. The first to lay all its stones wins. But beware, when stones are magnetized during a player’s turn, he picks them up!
That’s all you need to know to play Kluster!
Simple isn’t it?
However, tricks and twists are devilish: players can move the rope during their turn, move the stones using the magnetic field of their own stones, place them vertically to cover a wider area, or even place them so close each other that the slightest disturbance will cause a disastrous chain reaction! Not all stones are exactly the same size and shape, and therefore have the same magnetic properties. Sooner or later, the playing surface will become a real magnetic minefield where the slightest false movement will pay dearly!
In the box: 24 magnetic stones, a rope, a carrying bag and a small page of rules.