Tintastic Trivia


Prove you’re the master of trivia anywhere you go!

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A high quality small game presented in a tin which is idea as either a travel game or as an after dinner party game. The object of the game is to correctly answer questions in specific categories. Firstly set a time limit for the game or decide to play for a certain number of cards. The first player spins the spinner to determine which category of question they should answer on that turn. The Random Choice space on the spinner means the player can choose a category. The player to their left then takes a card from the question pile and asks the question, if guessed correctly the player marks it down on their score pad and gets another question. Once they answer wrongly play passes to the next player. The game is presented in a smart tin with a bevelled edge and a plastic insert and is shrink wrapped for further protection. This game would make an ideal gift, travel or party game… or just play for fun. It’s Tintastic!