Tintastic Never Say…


Careful, it’s a minefield!

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A high quality small game presented in a tin which is idea as either a travel game or as an after dinner party game. The object of the game is to describe a word for your team to guess without saying any of the forbidden words. Players divide into two teams and decide on a time limit for each round. Team A selects a player to give them the clues for a word printed on their word card. The player picks a card and places it in the holder so that they and Team B can see it but team A (the players team) can’t. They then try to describe the word on their card without using any of the forbidden words. If one of the forbidden words is used and Team B spot it Team A don’t score and play passes to team B. If team A correctly guess the word they score a point. The team with the most points wins. The game is presented in a smart tin with a bevelled edge and a plastic insert and is shrink wrapped for further protection. This game would make an ideal gift, travel or party game…or just play for fun. It’s Tintastic!