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Grandpa Beck’s Games Cover Your Kingdom


  • IT’S MAGICALLY MALICIOUS: Cover Your Kingdom is an absurdly competitive and hilarious game. It’s perfect for parties and will be enjoyed by kids, teens, and adults alike
  • PLAY WITH 2-8 RULERS: Whether your game group is large or small, this game fits the bill. It brings out the inner Bragon of each player and is going to be a blast with rules that modify the game to fit your group size
  • ADAPT IT TO YOUR GROUP: We make our games fun for all skill levels! You can choose to play the core game -or- add in the 2 included expansions for more advanced play -or- dial back the rules for younger (or older) players.
  • COVER YOUR ASSETS DEVIOUS BROTHER: Cover Your Kingdom is an adaptation to our wildly popular game, Cover Your Assets. This version adds layers of new strategy and fun without much added complexity.
  • GUARANTEED FUN: Learning a new game should be fun, not frustrating! With detailed rules, how to play videos, and our family standing by to answer questions we do everything we can to make game night great!

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