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Codenames Disney Board Game

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Codenames is a social word game with a simple premise and challenging game play.

Codenames Disney is a family version of the very popular Codenames – one of the most popular party games of modern times – winning many board game awards.

In Codenames Disney, two teams compete to be the first to identify all of the treasure cards belonging to their team. In each team, one Cluemaster will be given a key card to describe which clues on the grid correspond to each team colour, red or blue. Cluemasters take turns to give clues that connect together the words or pictures on the grid – their teammates then use this clue to identify the correct treasure cards.

If you guess a wrong treasure then it might just be a red-herring, but worse yet, it could be a clue for the other team, or even the assassin, meaning that you’ll lose the game immediately. It’s up to the cluemaster to ensure that their clues and clear and don’t accidentally send their teammates towards the wrong pictures or words.

Looking to connect Flounder and Dory? – Then ‘Fish-2’ might be a good clue.

The ocean from Moana and the waterfall from Up? – Try ‘Water-2’.

With Codenames Disney you can play a traditional game of Codenames with a grid of words, or a version of Codenames Pictures – making it very adaptable for minds that think differently. When playing with younger players, you can limit the grid to a 4×4, instead of the standard 5×5, and remove the assassin, to avoid any early mishaps.