Jazzminton: this is the racket game to rule them all. Play indoors or outdoors, without net. ——– for any age, adults, teens, 6+ all have great fun. ——– the magic of this game is that due to the spin of the birdies the game adjusts itself to the skill level and the mood of the players. So if you want to play slow and easy you have great fun or if you want to play hard and fast you will have a blast.

It is great for your hand-eye coordination and cardio. 

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  • Contains: 2 fluorescent paddles and 4 birdies; 2 red birdies for slow play and 2 yellow for fast
  • One of the best indoors games
  • incredible fun for any age and skill level
  • the all-season racket, paddle game that takes the best parts of badminton, ping pong, tennis and paddle ball
  • Soft rippled foam grips
  • We use a special  water-resistant glue so you can play in and around any body of water.