HQ Quickstep II Stunt Kite – Black Rainbow


HQ Quickstep II Stunt Kite – Black Rainbow

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These entry level kites are noted for their sturdy design. They are sewn from light and strong ripstop nylon and the rods/struts are made of almost unbreakable fibreglass. The setup is simple and the flying properties are extremely docile. They can be flown reliably even by beginners in a wide wind range. The drag forces are moderate, but solid; the flying speed does not overpower the pilot. It can be further reduced by adding a tube tail
  • Ripstop Nylon
  • 4mm Carbon-fibreglass hybrid
  • W: 135cm L: 60cm Strength: 90lb
Skill level:
Ages 10yrs +

Accessories included:

  • Line winder
  • Pair of straps
  • Compact plastic carry pack