YoYo Factory Fast 201


YoYo Factory Fast 201

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The Yo-Yo That Started It All! When Yoyofactory’s President, Hans Van Dan Elzen First Had The Idea Of Starting A Yo-Yo Company, He Had An Idea For A Yo-Yo That Would Be So Unique That It Made Yo-Yoing Easier To Learn, Easier To Share With Your Friends, And Ultimately More Fun. This One Little Idea Developed Into A Yo-Yo That Has Made Its Way Into Tens Of Millions Of People’s Hands All Around The World. F.A.S.T. Stands For ‘Fully Active Starburst Technology,’ Which Is The Technology That Makes The Fast 201 As Amazing As It Is. When You Throw A Fast 201, You Notice That It Is Easy To Throw, It Spins Fast, And It Comes Back To Your Hand With Ease. With Three Levels Of Adjustable Response, You Can Tune Your 201 For Beginner To Intermediate Tricks. The Fast 201 Is A Maintenance Free, Ball Bearing, Modern Yo-Yo That Is Perfect For Anyone Learning To Pick Up Yo-Yoing For The First Time