Yomega Classic Brain Yo-Yo


Yomega Classic Brain Yo-Yo

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The Brain was first developed by Yomega as a yo-yo with a centrifugal clutch back in 1984. All those years later, it is still a design classic and handles with the same finesse and style it did on its initial release. the clutch (or ‘brain’) mechanism allows the yo-yo to return to the thrower’s hand automatically when the yo-yo starts to slow down.This yo-yo is great for beginners helping players to develop a strong, hard throw and to get a good grasp on the ‘sleeper’ trick.

The Brain features a distinctive “Convex” or “Standard” body shape used on two other Yomega flagship models: the Fireball and looper’s favourite The Raider. This Classic Brain model was manufactured in the USA from bullet proof plastic. The Classic Brain is only available in CLEAR colour.