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We’re very proud of our own LED poi set – we think it’s one of the most simple to use LED rigs available – and looks absolutely stunning when being spun at night or in a night club setting.

What Do You Get?

  • Two of our super-bright 70mm LED balls, loaded with a ‘FADE’ diode. This Diode morphs slowly between a broad spectrum of colours and looks beautifully either still or in motion. The diodes move between red -> yellow -> green -> turquoise -> purple every 12 seconds We’ve also slightly reduced the weight of the balls and softened the outer shell to make them more comfortable to spin over longer periods, as well as making accidental impacts less of an issue.
  • Enough LR44 Batteries to keep you spinning for around 6-8 hours. These are easily replaced. the batteries are concealed in a chamber within each ball. You may need to remove the small paper discs when you first receive the poi in order to activate the LEDs.
  • Adjustable nylon leashes, allowing you to make a longer or shorter cord as your prefer. Shorter is better for fast spinning styles with body contact tricks – a longer cord is slower, graceful and more visual from a distance.
  • A cute, little, UV draw-string bag to carry your poi around when you’re not spinning.
  • Nylon finger loops for comfortable, safe spinning.
    Please note you may have to remove the protection between batteries before first use!Specs:
    Weight / Poi + string: 100 gr.

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