Henry’s Superior Beanbag – 67mm


Henry’s Superior Suede Beanbag

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Superior Beanbags live up to their name – superior workmanship and design is put in to every element of the ball. The artificial suede leather used is a luxurious, ‘grippy’ texture ideal and makes for a beautiful practice ball. Super strong stitching and a double skin makes these some of the toughest bean bags around. A Superior ball starts off frim but softens up over time. This medium sized version is geared towards advanced ball jugglers who want the best grip possible without sacrificing looks. The one potential downside of these balls? The textured, grippy surface and bright colours means you won’t want to drop them on dirty surfaces. Highly recommended.

Please note, price is per single ball.

Colours may vary. If you would like a specific set of colours, please drop us a line as we may be able to order them for you.