Wet Head


Wet Head is the hilarious water roulette game that’s full of suspense and fun. Plug in the rods and fill the Wet Head container with water, then take it in turns to wear the hat and spin the roulette on top. Only one of the rods will release the water – the aim is to see who is unable to avoid a soaking. To play, either use the spinner and follow the commands given, or devise a challenge or quiz of your own to see who can stay dry the longest

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If you love to have plenty of silliness in your life and don’t mind getting a little bit soggy then we have the perfect game to ‘wet’ your appetite!

Put on your Wet Head thinking cap and get ready for the brand new game that’s become a YouTube sensation. Perfect for kids and adults alike, this watery game will see you getting in a splash in no time! The Wet Head is a hat that contains a watery compartment that is held by eight plugs. All you need to do is take turns spinning the roulette wheel, and put on the Wet Head, spin the compartment and remove one of the plugs. Each plug might be the one that lets the aqua flow – so get those towels at the ready!

This crazy game combines skill and chance that might see you getting a cold shower! Fantastic from ages 6 plus, and perfect for two or more players, The Wet Head is fun for the whole family.