Infinity Loop


  • Amazing metal Swingy Thingy toy
  • Brilliant, lightweight metal frame design
  • Retractable and extendable for a wide variety of tricks and stunts!
  • Surprisingly resilient

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Take one magical coil of steel, then give it a light press to let the magic begin. Slip it over your hands and let it flow across your arms. Share the fun and pass it to a friend! This high quality stainless steel spring will flow and roll around just about any object almost like a metallic bubble. It’s a Springy Slinky for your arm!

• High Quality Stainless steel spring.
• Rolls around any object.
• Rolls like a metallic bubble.
• 3D Kinetic Spring
• A Springy Slinky for your arm
• Blue and silver Colours assorted
• Age: 6+