Flying Chicken


  • Flying Toy Chicken
  • Toys wings & legs are stretchy to allow extra catapult power
  • Screams sounds on flight and impact

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It’s a pretty well known fact that chickens can’t actually fly. Evolution has left them behind, doomed to a life on, or in close proximity to, the ground. We’ve heard their pain and we decided to help.

The solution was simple for the boffins. The super-elastic bands attached to the chickens wings and legs allow them to be catapulted into the air up to fifty feet whenever their owner sees fit.

In mid-flight, the chicken utters a gut-wrenching screech of wonderment as it flies through the air and then again when it hammers into its target at full pelt.

This cool chicken provides hours of fun for small and big kids of all ages, so now the chicken finally has the aviation skills it deserves.